Saturday, February 18, 2012

SS Dermagic Launching - Stress Free Beauty

Hi BFF... how r u guyz feeling today? Great!Fantastic!Happy!Stress Free! and Purplelicous!..huhu..entry ni all about purplelicious event. So my color..i loike it!!
Last Thursday, SS launching New product Dermagic, Alami Kecantikan Tanpa Stres (Stress Free Beauty).. very free and easy event. Obj utama everyone must be Happy.. xmoh stress2.. Setting at poolside Sunway Resort & Spa mmg sgt cantek. Kredit to Ita and Crew. They really put effort and hardwork to make this event successful.. BFF (mesti ade kan bff sy ni peminat DCT) just want to share with u guyz some picture yg i sempat snap (eventho sibuk2 jd usherer press n artis..sempat gak la snap beberapa pic)...

Invitation Card

Registration VIP, Guest, Press and Artis

Doorgift from SS..

Brand Experience booth. Dermagic can bring "Mood Gembira".
Interesting bout this booth u can take ur photo using ipad n ada software can change your face from dark to bright and young to old. Then u can try the Dermagic product. Feel d texture n feel d experience. It comes in 5 sku, Dermagic Beauty Moisturiser, Serum, Eye cream, Scrub and Mask. Try it and can see the different within 7 days. Cuba jgn xcuba....

Eventho event start a little bit late but press and artis mmg sabar menunggu smpi abis... mmg sporting.. Caya lah!!

start with bacaan doa

OSBON really make everyone laugh.. Stress Free seketika

DCT and Amar buat Magic

MC yg versatile and sporting.

A few artis on stage with Dermagic

bersama Air Asia X... sape2 beli product dermagic RM69 and above boleh masuk contest Terbang Bersama DCT ke Sydney with Air Asia X.. sponsor Chocolate Fountain for Dermagic Launching. Mmg licin...sedap sgt smpi i pun x dpt rasa... Thanx mimi and sista coz sudi sponsor for this event.

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